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R&D Ability

We know that our R&D ability of technology is reflected by the precision machine, Then our company has purchased precise processing machine form Japan, Taiwan and so on to obsolete and update the Hand-operated Lathe and Frilling machine in the factory. These advanced equipments laid the foundation for the company’s stable development,

The primary Processing Equipment and Quality Inspection Instrument

Equipment Name Quantity Place of Origin
Door Type Pentahedral Machining Center KMC-3000SV-H 1 Taiwan
Vertical Machining CenterVMC-1500 2 Taiwan
Vertical Machining CenterVMC-1300 2 Taiwan
Vertical Machining CenterLG-800 2 Taiwan
Tapping Machining Center MV-510 1 Taiwan
Horizontal machining center MAR-630H 1 Japan
Numerical Control Machine Tool NC50J/1.5M 3 Taiyuan
Numerical Control Machine Too NC40/1M 2 Shenyang
Numerical Control Machine Too NC40/1.5M 2 Shanxi
Flat Grinder M7130C 1 Sichuan
Moving Beam Type Plano Milling Machine 1 Foshan
Moving Beam Type Plano Milling Machine(XTA6027) 1 Foshan
Mitsubishi Numerical Control System 1 Shunde
Programming Logic Controllers 1 Shunde
Milling Heads of Machine Tolls Accessories and  Cooling System 1 Shunde
Precision Machine for Deep Hole(DH-1000) 1 Shunde
Lift Platform of Tapping Machining Center 1 Shunde
Vertical Oil Pressure Tooth-Type Division Platform 2 Shunde
Automation Auxiliary Equipment for Tooling etc. 17 Shunde
10T/8TLifting Equipment (Crane) 16 Shunde
Numerical Control Flame and Plasma Arc Cutting MachineBODA-3000 1 Taiwan
NC Bending Machine WD67Y-63T/2500 1 Taiwan
Moving Supporting Platform of Shearing Machine 1 Shunde
Ronggao Sandblasting Room 1 Shunde
Dakenen Metal Surface Working Machine 1 Guilin
Rack Welding Penholder Verticality Detecting Tooling  1 Shunde
Penholder Test Detecting Set 1 Shunde
Hydraulic Cylinder Detector 1 Shunde
Others Equipment and Instrumentation 1 Germany
Mobile Inspection Vehicle 5 Shunde
Total 73  


1. Leshan is the first one to use the gantry milling machine of 2.5M*6M stroke to process the installation surface of penholder to maitain the same verticality for both of left and right blowing pin . Repeated debuging of blowing pin is not required in our machine even for muti cavities.

2. Leshan makes use of the horizontal machining center with two workbench from Japan Okuma to process the shunt belt of the die hand to prevent plastic leakage.

3. Leshan can control the repetitive position tolerance ≤0.01mm when stations are moving, since we take advantage of the pentahedral machining center from Gaoming in Taiwan to process the clamping frame and frame supporter.

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